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Taipei is just like a museum.

There is a group of people tells the story of this huge museum, inviting travelers strolling along, exploring every single corner, and discovering the landscape and history.

Professional tour guide, In-depth cultural experience, On regular spot and time.

Taipei City Guides are passionate with Taipei. We read through the historical data to understand the development of every corner, and visit various neighborhoods to feature the beauty of architecture. Taipei City Guides provides regular on-spot introduction. We welcome travellers from worldwide to explore the true color of Taipei.


|Custom tours tailor your needs.|

If you'd like to take a tour with your own group, or your schedule dosen't match our regular tours, private tours will be your best solution!


Qingshan King Festival


Formosa Tea and Dadaocheng: the Historic Path


Buddist, Confucius, and Daoist Temples

in Dalongdong, Taipei


Dadaocheng: Taipei Xia-hai City God Temple, Dihua Street and Puppet Theater Museum


Culture Experience Walk-DIY activity


Manka(Wenhua) Longshan Temple, Herb Lane and  Bopiliao Historic District


Taipei Walled City During Japanese Rule

|Dadaocheng Sunday Tour|

Where is Dadaocheng?

Dadaocheng is located on the west side of Taipei. It is a neighborhood that rarely appear on when you try to search travel information of Taipei. However it is one of the earliest developed neighborhoods in Taipei and has rich history to tell by simply walking on the streets. Now, you can see many different styles of architecture which represent different era such as Qing dynasty and Japanese ruling period.


This is also the best place to come to look for good quality dried goods and Chinese medicine.

What's special about our tour?

On this tour, our guide will explain the history of the development of Taipei, the features of different architecture and the meaning of it. Also you will visit a puppet theatre museum which has huge collections of Taiwanese traditional puppets and puppets from worldwide. You will also sample some dried fruits and fresh kumquat juice.


Dadaocheng not only has very traditional industries, due to its special historic atmosphere, it now has gradually become a hub of trendy hand craft design shops, cafes and restaurants.


Want to see a neighborhood which is perfectly blend with old and new? Dadaocheng will be the best choice!

When do the tours take place?

Every Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.

What to wear/bring on a tour?

Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing. If it’s a sunny day, bring sun protection. If it rains, bring rainy gear with you. Camera for memories and big smile for the day!

How much do the tours cost?

NT$700 per person.

The price includes dried fruit sampling and a cup of fresh kumquat juice.

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