|Formosa Tea and Dadaocheng: the Historic Path|

Once upon a time, Dadaocheng was the second largest city in Taiwan. 

Once upon a time, Formosa tea was a symbol of sophistication around the globe. 

The two crossed path in the nineteenth century, marking a spectacular chapter in Dadaocheng history. 


As one of the oldest “living” historic districts with one of the oldest “living” historic main streets, Dadaocheng is still pulsing with vitality. Its streets are mixed with the old and new, from century-old businesses to start-ups, including its many specialty teashops.


Join us on a two-hour journey back in time, walk down the nostalgic streets and explore the teashops to relive the legacy of Formosa Tea and its intertwining history with Dadaocheng. 

Time|Private tour available

Group Size|as request

Include |

  1. A tour guide

  2. A assistant

  3. Tax

  4. Audio guiding device

  5. Dadaocheng Map


Route |

Begin at WangTea → Herbal Tea Shop → Xiahai City God Temple → Dihua Street → Gueide Street: Li Ling-Chiu Residence, Li Chun-Sheng Memorial Church, Chen Tien-Lai Residence (Jing-Ji Tea Shop) → Dihua Street: South Street Delight → Lin Family Residence (Lin Wu-Hu Residence/Cheng Wei Tea)