|Manka(Wenhua) Longshan Temple, Herb Lane and  Bopiliao Historic District|

As Taipei strives relentlessly for modernization, Manka, which was first developed 300 years ago, may seem out of place with its aging demographics, dated industries and a past filled with gangster stories, or is it?


As the earliest developed area in northern Taiwan and one of the first ancient cities on the island, Manka offers a glimpse to the past, how Taipei came to be. At the historic Lungshan Temple, one of the most frequented temples in Taiwan that has withstood earthquakes and the US air raid, get ready to be awed by its elaborateness and sacred spirituality. The winding streets of Bopiliao paints a vivid picture of what life was like centuries ago while the herb lane offers exotic views of herbs and folk remedies.


Manka is laced with rich layers of history, complex demographics and intriguing social phenomenon, a unique combination that you won’t find anywhere else in Taipei. Join us for an authentic Manka experience.

Time|Private tour available

Group Size|Up to 15 people


Include |

  1. A tour guide

  2. Tax

  3. Audio guiding device

Route |

MRT Longshan Temple Station – Manka Longshan Temple – Herb Lane – Local Market – Bopiliao Historic District