|Dadaocheng: Taipei Xia-hai City God Temple, Dihua Street and Puppet Theater Museum|

It's hard to imagine one can still find such a history-laden area in a modern city like Taipei. But if you have already had your fill of glitz and glam in metropolis and crave something quiant and classical, you must come to Dadaocheng.


The major street of Dadaocheng is lined with hundreds of old houses. The facades of the buildings reflect architectural trendings in different eras. Some of them suggest the influence of Qing dynasty (the last imperial dynasty of China), while others give way a marriage with european styles or modernism. Despite the diversity in style, they are all long and narrow, and can be divided into three sections. The first section is used to run business, showcasing goods from herbs for Chinese medicine, dried foods, bamboowares, to lanterns. The second section behind the court is in its capacity as a living room or warehouse. A walk through the houses bring the life in old days to mind. 


In the southern part of the street sits a small yet extremtely popular temple, Taipei Xiahai City-God Temple. Every year, tourists from all over the world fly here say their prayers. Inside the temple, an silver-haired god (God of Relationships) scratches his head for making a match. Next to the temple is Yong-le Market, the most textile market in Taipei, with fabrics in all shapes and sizes in stock. You will never be bored when walking on this vibrant neighborhood.

Time|Private tour available

Group Size|Up to 15 people


Include |

  1. A tour guide

  2. Tax

  3. Audio guiding device

  4. Dadaocheng Map

  5. Admission fee of the Puppet Threatre Museum

Route |

Taipei Bridge-Dihua Street-Xia Hai City Good Temple-Puppet Theatre Museum