|Culture Experience Walk-DIY activity|

A combination of Taiwanese teas and Traditional sweets never go wrong. Located in the west of Taipei, Dadaocheng is a neighborhood with rich tea history. On this tour, we will visit one tea house and one Chinese pastry shop, both are with over a hundred years history in Taiwan, family owned business.



●  Make Matchmaking sweets out of the traditional Taiwanese pastry mold with the help from a master of Lee Cake, a traditional taiwanese pastry shop with over 100 years history.


●  Taste the sweets made by your own.

●  Visit a traditional tea house with also over a hundred years.

●  The tea house still possess a traditional tea roasted room where you will learn how they preserve and make tea with the old technique!

●   Taiwanese tea tasting & cold brew tea making.

Time|Private tour available

Group Size|Up to 20 people


Include |

  1. A tour guide

  2. An assistant

  3. Tax

  4. Audio guiding device

  5. Taiwanese Sweet making

  6. Cold brew tea making & tea tasting

Route |

MRT Daqiaotou station > Traditional taiwanesee sweet making > Tea house visiting