Qingshan King Festival│

greatest cultural folklore parade in Taipei

You will see:
●The largest and livelist temple parade in Taipei
●The art and crafts around the Qingsahan Temple and the palanquin
●The fabulous attire and makeup of the performance troupe and the generals
●The “symphony” of firecrackers and  traditional taiwanese  “Beiguan” music

The festivals and cultural events of Taiwan are some of the most vibrant in the world, and “Qingshan King Festival” in Taipei is the largest and livelist temple parade that you shouldn’t miss - not only do the crowds of performers and devotees often block the road, but the noise and colour are sure to make you pause, watch and take lots of photographs.
With more than 100 years’ history, the ritual is held annually in Wanhua District (used to be called Monga District) to celebrate Qingshan King’s birthday which is October 23rd on the Lunar Calendar.

Three days before his birthday, the deity statue is carried on a palanquin to patrol around Wanhua neighborhoods with his troops and generals. The first two days are inspection days, which means the King and his generals have to do their duty, they will perform the exorcisms of evil spirits and good in order to bring the protection, luck and safety to the residents. As for the third day, it’s time for either immortal and mortal to have a King’s pre-birthday celebration party. 

The Qingshan Temple was originally credited for saving many from a deadly plague in Taipei in the 19th century. Ever since there's been a boisterous celebration for the king on his birthday with this festival.

You can feel the energy, joy and how the community come together by seeing the performance troupes (known as “zhentou”) and by hearing the traditional taiwanese  “Beiguan” music with the noise of firecrackers and fireworks at the same time. Come and join our interesting walking tour during the second inspection night, you will experience and learn more than your imagination!

Date|November 17, 2019


Group Size|25 people

Include |

  1. A tour guide

  2. An assistant during the tour

  3. Tax

  4. Audio guiding device


Meeting Point |

MRT Longshan Temple Station Exit 1

Route |

The itinerary of parade changes each year, we will adjust to the situation on the spot and find the best route to experience the parade.

(FYI: The festival will continue until midnight to 2 a.m, you are welcome to stay at the scene after our walking tour.)